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About AnthroAquatic:

AnthroAquatic Editing, a subsidiary of Ottercorrect Literature Services, was started in March of 2011 by Sean Gerace, and is located in Plainfield, CT, USA. We offer various editing services to any document containing words. For more information on our services, please visit our services and pricing page.

Meet the team:

Sean is an avid reader of all genres (even though his actual tastes are extremely limited), and excels at finding errors in written (and non-written) works. His self-taught background gives him a diverse knowledge-set and allows him to keep an open mind to style choices and the ever-evolving English language. Sean handles all of the editing, client relations, and clerical aspects of the business.

The process:

Confused at how AnthroAquatic's editing process works? Here is what you should expect:

1. Send an email to editors[at]anthroaquatic[dot]com. Even if you are only looking for more information, we'd love to hear from you! In your email, please state the following:

 • What genre and type of writing is this? (Ex. Medieval Fantasy Novel)
 • What is the story about? Give us a few sentences describing the main idea.
 • Is there a specific deadline? (Please note: a short deadline may impact pricing.)
 • How many pages and words?
 • What services do you require? (We can help you with this if you're unsure.)

In this email, you may choose to send your whole project. It is not required that you do, but the sooner we have your project, the sooner things can get started. We will need at least a few pages of the project in order to give you a quote.
Once we have this email, we will reply with a quote, and whether or not we can take the project on right away. If we can't start the project immediately, we will give you an estimated timeframe of when we can start the project.

2. Once your project is accepted, if you haven't already sent us the entire manuscript, we will need that. Please send it in a Microsoft Word-compatible document. (Please note: all editing will be done in Microsoft Word. Please make sure that you have a word processing program that is compatible with Microsoft Word.)

3. After we have the whole document, we can finalize the pricing. At this stage, we will send you the Payment List (example). Along with the Payment List, you'll receive two contracts: the Centralized AnthroAquatic Contract (which goes over the basic legal things) and the Client Welcome Contract (which goes over the specifics of your project, including pricing and due dates). Please sign the two contracts and email or fax them back to us. If you need the contract mailed to you, we can accommodate that as well.

4. Once we have received the signed contracts, we can begin work. Upon completion of each chapter/section, we will send you an emailed invoice via Wave Invoicing. Once the chapter/section has been paid for (to see the accepted payment methods, please visit the services and pricing page), we will send you that chapter/section. You will receive both a rough version (with the changes tracked and comments viable) and a cleaned version (with the changes accepted into the document and the comments deleted). Once you receive that chapter/section back, feel free to make your own changes and ask questions about our changes. Please note: DO NOT MAKE FIXES TO ANY VERSIONS OF THE DOCUMENT OTHER THAN THE ONES WE SEND YOU, AND MAKE ALL CHANGES TO THE CLEANED VERSION. Fixing up any chapters/sections after you've sent them to us will require more work, and may be subject to additional fees. We also ask that you hold onto all fixes until the current run-through of your story has been completed, and that you track any changes you make.

5. We'd like to make sure that you can ask questions during any step of the process. For this reason, if you'd like to communicate via a method faster than email, such as text messaging, phone calls, or Skype, please let Sean know. He would be happy to arrange that for you. Also, if you live within a two-hour drive of Plainfield, Connecticut, Sean is available for face-to-face meetings.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to send us an email!

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